FEMA: Rumors and Facts

• Rumor: FEMA is writing checks to survivors at points of distribution
• Fact: FEMA is not writing checks to survivors in person at any locations. Points of distribution have FEMA and state provided supplies, including food and water that survivors can pick up for personal use.

For a list of locations where survivors can obtain commodities (water, food, etc.), visit www.floridadisaster.org/info

• Rumor: The federal government isn’t here and is leaving people to fend for themselves
• Fact: FEMA currently has nearly 400 staff deployed to Florida in support of Hurricane Michael. FEMA and its federal partners have been on the ground since before Hurricane Michael made landfall.

Survivors will soon be able to visit FEMA/State disaster recovery centers in designated counties, where survivors can get in-person support.

• Rumor: If your homes are deemed unlivable, FEMA will issue up to a 90 day voucher for a place to stay.
• Fact: Those that apply for disaster assistance may be referred to FEMA and could be eligible for rental assistance if their home is unlivable. Rental assistance from FEMA lasts for an initial period of 60 days.

• Rumor: FEMA is handing out vouchers for hotels.
• Fact: FEMA does not issue vouchers for hotels. FEMA pays participating hotels directly for survivors eligible for TSA. Visit www.DisasterAssistance.gov for a list of participating hotels.