Florida State Emergency Response Team

  • This is an important message from the Florida State Emergency Response Team
  • For resources related to Hurricane Michael, including family reunification, shelters, debris reporting, and donation information, please visit http://FloridaDisaster.org/info –  that is http://FloridaDisaster.org/info
  • The State Emergency Response Team has established dozens of Points of Distribution for critical supplies. If you are in need of food or water, locate a Point of Distribution near you at http://floridadisaster.org/info


Much more information, including addresses of critical Points of Distribution for food and water are available at http://FloridaDisaster.org/info. If possible, please broadcast any Points of Distribution that would be relevant to your listening area. Further useful messages are also available below for reference.


  • For traffic and road closure information, dial 511
  • If you do not have cell service, it is possible that you may be able to get voice and text service by using Mobile Roaming. To do this, enable roaming and wifi in your phone’s settings, restart your phone, and then remain stationary while using your phone.
  • Let first responders do their job and obey any orders that you are given by emergency officials.
  • If you intend to return to your home in an area impacted by Hurricane Michael, make sure you know the conditions at your destination and along the roads to get there before you depart. Do not go if the conditions are unsafe.
  • Thousands of crews are working to restore power and cell service. During an emergency, phones lines may be overwhelmed. To let your loved ones know you are safe, send a text instead of calling.
  • To learn how to receive emergency alerts and other public safety notifications in your community, sign up for Alert Florida at http://FloridaDisaster.org/AlertFlorida

For information regarding school closures, please visit http://fldoe.org/hurricaneinfo