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FedEx sues US Commerce Department over export restrictions that affect Huawei

US delivery company FedEx has filed a lawsuit against the US government, arguing that it should not be required to enforce federal government export bans. The move comes after FedEx mishandled a couple of deliveries for Huawei, and failed to deliver a Huawei smartphone shipped from Britain to the United States. Huawei is the world’s…MORE

Amazon Prime Day will actually be two days this year

Amazon’s Prime Day will return for the fifth time next month, and this year the discount holiday will run for two entire days. Amazon announced that Prime Day this year will start at midnight on Monday, July 15, and run for 48 hours. The company boasts that the event will include more than a million…MORE

Seven days and seven examples of the alliance between Trump and Murdoch

Want to see how Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is at work for President Trump? Look around — you can’t miss it. In the past week: — The New York Post published and then mysteriously deleted a story about Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll. — Fox News Channel’s newscasts and talk shows have barely mentioned Carroll’s…MORE

The rent is still too damn high and 2020 candidates finally want to do something about it

For most of recent American history, presidential campaigns have largely overlooked the question of housing. It’s subject to local zoning laws and varies too much across markets to have federal-level arguments about the topic, the thinking goes. Even after the mortgage market tanked the economy, candidates rarely talked about housing as something they had that…MORE

737 Max pilot sues Boeing for career damage, ‘severe emotional and mental stress’

An anonymous pilot is suing Boeing, alleging the company “demonstrated reckless indifference and conscious disregard for the flying public” in its development of the 737 Max. The suit also accuses the Federal Aviation Administration of joining Boeing “in an unprecedented cover-up of the known design flaws of the Max, which predictably resulted in the crashes…MORE

Hollywood is having a bad summer. It’s killing movie theater stocks

Woody and Buzz Lightyear couldn’t save Hollywood from its summer slump, and movie theater chains are feeling the pressure. Shares of AMC Entertainment fell 5% Monday to a new all-time low, the first day of trading after the opening weekend for “Toy Story 4.” The film from Disney’s Pixar grossed nearly $120 million in US…MORE

Verizon is putting shopping at the heart of its media business

Six months ago, Verizon declared that its media brands were virtually worthless. Now it’s trying to reinvent the business under a new name, with a plan to turn readers into online shoppers. Guru Gowrappan, a former Alibaba executive who took the helm as Verizon Media’s CEO nine months ago, wants to diversify revenue so that…MORE