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Could coffee help you lose weight? New research suggests a fat-busting effect

Drinking coffee could activate the body’s fat-fighting defenses, a discovery that could have potential implications in the battle against obesity and diabetes. In a study published Monday, researchers at the University of Nottingham said that coffee may help stimulate our brown fat reserves, also known as brown adipose tissue, which play a key role in…MORE

After deaths, more tourists to Dominican Republic say they were stricken with illness

Their island getaways went bad in ways that sound similar: crippling stomach cramps, explosive diarrhea and malaise that lasted after they returned home. But in some ways, they consider themselves lucky. They survived their trips to the Dominican Republic. As reports of American tourists dying in the country continue to grab headlines, some travelers who…MORE

Frozen sperm can survive space travel, preliminary study suggests

It’s one small step for science, and potentially one giant leap for mankind’s ability to populate space. Spanish scientists have found that frozen sperm samples are still viable after exposure to simulated space flight, opening up the possibility of an space-based sperm bank. The small preliminary study, presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction…MORE

Fighting Ebola is hard but in the Congo mistrust and fear is making it harder

When Ebola first struck this city of more than a 100,000 people last September, many here didn’t believe it was real. As the disease latched onto families and spread through tightly packed neighborhoods, rumors began spreading of organ harvesting and political conspiracies, even as more people got sick and died. When the ambulances came to…MORE

FDA approves new drug for women with low sexual desire disorder

The US Food and Drug Administration approved a drug to return sexual desire to some women with low libido, the agency said Friday. The drug, bremelanotide, sold under the brand name Vyleesi by AMAG Pharmaceuticals, is an injection to be taken before sex. It’s intended to treat women who are premenopausal and have hypoactive sexual…MORE

Bill proposes fully covering HIV-prevention drug PrEP

US Sen. Kamala Harris is introducing a bill to reduce the transmission of HIV by encouraging the use of PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, a drug that’s more than 92% effective in preventing new infections. If it becomes law, PrEP would be free to most patients. There were nearly 40,000 new HIV infections in the United…MORE

Why you should learn Mental Health First Aid

One in five adults in the US lives with a mental health problem according to the National Institute of Mental Health – but most don’t seek out professional help. That’s where Mental Health First Aid – an eight-hour workshop – hopes to fill the gap. The class trains citizens how to recognize the signs and…MORE