Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Russia Uses Winter as a ‘Way of Warfare’

The winter months are “a weapon in the Russian way of warfare,” and they intend to use the cold months to wage their battles against Ukraine, including with moves to continue crippling the Ukrainian power grid, which could double the current refugee crisis, retired Air Force Brigadier Gen. Blaine Holt, a Newsmax contributor, said Thursday. 

“Part of their strategy is they’ve been waiting for this,” Holt, a former U.S. Deputy Military Representative to NATO, told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” pointing out that in past wars, the Russians used winter to their advantage against foes like Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler.

During an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council Wednesday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed for action to stop Russian air strikes that are targeting the country’s vital infrastructure, leaving cities in darkness and cold with winter setting in. 

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