Texas Rep. Harrison to Newsmax: States Must Fight Biden COVID Mandates

Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison, a former Health and Human Services chief of staff during the Trump administration, said Friday he’s proud to see his neighbors in Oklahoma fighting back, through a lawsuit, against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for members of the National Guard. 

“I think states across the country need to do as much of this as possible,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “What we’re learning here is that when things get tough, either with individuals’ lives or as a nation, you know people’s true colors come out.”

And when it comes to the Biden administration, “at their core, these people are totalitarians,” said Harrison. “They’re authoritarians. They do not believe in personal responsibility. They do not believe that individual Oklahomans, Texans, Americans can make up their own healthcare decisions for themselves.”

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