Full Programming Lineup

NEWSTALK 1260, WFTW – Full Programming Schedule

Monday –Friday

1:00-5:00           Red Eye Radio

6:00-7:00          America in the Morning with John Trout

7:00-9:00          Emerald Coast Morning with Dan Diamond

9:00-11:00        Chris Plante 

11:00-2:00        Dan Bongino

2:00-5:00          Sean Hannity

5:00-7:00          Ben Shapiro

7:00-8:00          Michael Knowles

8:00-10:00        The Dana Show

10:00-1:00         Jim Bohannon


Mid-6:00           Red Eye Radio 

6:00-8:00          Real Estate Today

8:00-9:00          Financial Symphony with Cherry Wealth Advisors

9:00-Noon        Kim Komando

Noon-3:00        Sean Hannity

3:00-6:00          Ben Shapiro

6:00-8:00          Dan Bongino

8:00-Mid           Jim Bohannon


Mid – 6:00        Red Eye Radio 

6:00-6:30         Viewpoints

6:30-7:00          America This Week 

7:00-9:00          Watchdog on Wall Street

9:00-10:00        National Defense Show

10:00-11:00      Med Clinic Radio

11:00-Noon       Meet The Press

Noon-3:00        Chris Plante Show

3:00-5:00          Real Estate Today

5:00-6:00          Watchdog on Wall Street

6:00-8:00          National Defense Show

8:00-9:00          Meet The Press

9:00-10:00        Med Clinic Radio

10:00-Mid         Don Bongino